Congratulations on your new addition! Thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your new mini in his/her first few days of life. This may be the most fun job....ever! Though, I understand as new parents, this may be a little more stressful for you. But relax! This is basically a photo session for the little one, and a bit of a break for you! I put safety first- every time. I have trained with some of the nation's top newborn photographers and have photographed many newborns, so rest assured, your babe is in good hands! I look forward to working closely with your family to create some beautiful pictures you can cherish forever.

Let's talk booking your session. If you are reading this guide, it means you have already booked a session (or larger package) with BPP. Yay! and I have already recorded your due date in my schedule. Your next big task (aside from, ya know, giving birth to a human)is to contact me upon baby's arrival. Upon receipt of baby's arrival announcement, we will quickly discuss and schedule your newborn session. And when I say quickly- photos are done within the first 1.5-2 weeks of baby's life to be able to capture the newborn photos you see on my website/social media. That is the precious time in their lives where they are still able to curl up in the womb-like position, stay super sleepy (key for getting any posed shots) and they haven't yet reached the stage of baby acne, colic, etc. The recommended timeframe is critical, and outside special circumstances, I don't typically extend past 14 days old. I primarily shoot on the weekends, so prepare to spend part of baby's first weekend home with me!


AVOID THE FOLLOWING FOODS/DRINKS AT LEAST 24 HOURS BEFORE THE SESSION: if you are breast or bottle feeding baby, what you consume, baby consumes. So please avoid caffeine (i know, i know, you're kind of surviving on it these days), spicy foods, and dairy AT LEAST 24 hours (recommend 72) before your session so baby is calm, comfortable and sleepy.

Keep Baby Awake: Please keep baby awake for several hours before the session. Try giving a bath, letting them kick in just a diaper, tickle their toes, and even let them fuss a little bit (no pacifiers!) for a few hours beforehand. This will ensure they will wear themselves out and sleep through the sessions so we can pose baby without waking him/her. I know what you're thinking- but my baby is a great sleeper, do we really need to do this? The answer is YES! During the session, baby will be naked, being dressed and undressed, posed and moved around. They aren't used to this level of stimulation at home, so if they don't stay awake before their session- they are going to be irritable and most likely wont be able to sleep through the session. SO PLEASE KEEP BABY AWAKE! :)

Feeding Baby: Give the little one a full feed right before you get in the car to head to my studio. If you use formula at all, please feed with that, as I find it allows them to sleep a bit more soundly. Don't forget to pack a bottle if you use formula or pump only. Prep for a couple more feedings just to make sure you have enough. (you may find baby eats a little more on photo session day- they are working up an appetite after all! :))

What to wear:

SIMPLE AND NEUTRAL CLOTHING- If you purchased the Luxe newborn collection, please dress in simple, neutral or muted colors so focus is on baby. Avoid patterns, bright or bold colors, or any logos etc. Simple white tshirts for Dads are best and a neutral top for mom. Siblings should be in a very simple neutral toned outfit also. Please also dress baby in footie jammies or something that does not need to be pulled over their head when undressing them (it helps to avoid upsetting baby right off the bat! :))

what to pack: 

A pacifier. Even if you don't use one normally, its helpful to only use for the couple hours of the session. It can help us to soothe baby faster/easier in between poses/set-ups.

Extra diapers and wipes. I will have an emergency stash of these in the studio, but its important that you bring those you are used to, comfortable with, and work for your baby.

Bottled milk- If you have introduced the bottle to baby- please bring a bottle/formula- whatever you use regularly (do not introduce formula for the first time at the session!) If baby doesn't take a bottle, you can breastfeed as needed during the session.

Two Cars (if siblings are coming)- if you are bringing baby's siblings for Luxe Collection pics, I HIGHLY recommend either Dad drives separately and leaves with the siblings after their pictures are done, or you bring a grandparent or someone who can take the kiddo(s) home while you stay with baby for the rest of the session. The studio is very small, and toddler siblings tend to get very bored very quickly, so asking them to stay for 3+ hours and e quiet for the session may be too much.

Bribery for siblings- IF YOU PURCHASED THE LUXE COLLECTION... Sibling pics can be the most challenging part of the session. Keeping the newborn asleep while trying to get the older sibling(s) to look at the camera and smile.... you would be entertained to see the chaotic, crazy, sometimes sweaty and intense behind-the-scenes moments that get us the sweet shots you see posted! So bring all the bribery you can- little snacks (to give after the photos are done), drinks, their favorite toy, your phone loaded with their favorite video/songs, etc. Whatever brings a smile to their face and makes them happy and comfortable. :)


All sessions are done in my in-home studio located at: 214 Ianelli Road | Clarksboro, NJ 08020

Please arrive on time! Feel free to park in the driveway and head right in- door is unlocked for your session :)

Session will take anywhere from 2-3 hours for a full newborn session. If you purchased a Luxe Newborn Package, plan for an additional 30-45 minutes on parent/sibling pictures. Patience is key with these little ones. They may need a full hour just to soothe/settle before we can begin. Or they can be milk-drunk and we can get everything done in 1.5 hours. There is no predicting how long each baby will need, but i follow their lead. It is my goal to get you the photos you want and deserve, so if that means a little extra time, its always worth it. If parents elect to end the session early, it may effect the final number of images provided to you in your gallery.

My studio is the first floor of my home. It is stocked with snacks, drinks, and has wi-fi available. The studio is full oF beautiful props, headbands, wraps, outfits, hats, etc for baby. So no need to bring your own! Check out the Studio tab under the Client Portal to preview the space and the props I have (or at least most of them!)

Prepare to be HOT during the session! The average studio temperature for newborn sessions is 80-85*. So dress lightly or wear layers so you can peel some off. Proper studio heating allows the baby to stay comfortable without clothes on (remember their bodies are not old enough yet to tolerate temperatures like we can- they are used to living in a very warm womb! So room temperature feels ice cold to them!)

My style is a posed newborn session- a mix of shots done in/on props, and your basic "blanket" shots that focus on baby being curled up and posed in different positions. I do not offer lifestyle newborn sessions.

Editing your baby's images takes approximately 1-2 weeks. Newborn editing can be especially time consuming, to ensure the little fingernail scratches, blotches and any discolorations are cleaned up in post-processing to give you that creamy smooth skin you see in my images.

Parents will receive an online proofing gallery and will select the number of photos they want based on their package selection Parents are also welcome to purchase additional images. The gallery will include all images and price list for additional files.

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